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Vote For The Best Nightclub of 2014 - United States


Vote On The Best Remixes Of 2014

What was the best nightclub of 2014 in the United States for electronic dance music ? We’ve selected a few of our favorites here at Magnetic, but we are sure you all have your own personal preferences, so add them in!

We are looking at any venue in the US that has electronic music nights - house, techno, dubstep, trap - whatever. Important things to consider when nominating a venue: decor, upkeep, consistency, quality of DJs and overall attitude of staff.

We've listed venues in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, and Miami to start, but if you have a venue in your city that you think deserves recognition, list it.  In mid December, we will be publishing your results right along side ours, making sure all voices are heard!

We are going to be rolling out the categories for Magnetic’s Best Of 2014 over the next few days, so come back often to make sure your favorites are represented and voted on.

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NOTE: Any additions MUST include the club logo and are subject to editorial discretion. ADDITIONS WITHOUT LOGOS WILL BE DELETED!!!!

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List Criteria: Must be a venue that was open for all of 2014 that presents electronic music shows. We will be accepting nominations through December 1, 2014; voting will be open until December 12th.

Vote For The Best Nightclub of 2014

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