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Vote For The Best Wireless Speaker Of 2014

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Vote For The Best Promoters Of 2014

What were the best wireless speakers of 2014. This has been a hot category for us all year long- who doesn't like portable sound. We've brought our favorites from AWOL to the Groove Cruise, keeping us moving along the way. These are all on this list but if your favorite Bluetooth Boombox isn't on the list, add it in!

The criteria is simple – what is your favorite wireless speaker? In mid December, we will be publishing your results right along side our own picks for the best songs of 2014, making sure all voices are heard!

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We are going to be rolling out the categories for Magnetic’s Best Of 2014 over the next few days, so come back often to make sure your favorites are represented and voted on.

NOTE: Any additions MUST include a product shot and are subject to editorial discretion. ADDITIONS WITHOUT PHOTOS WILL BE DELETED!!!!

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