Watch Carnage Shoot $10,000 Out Of A Confetti Cannon


Watch Carnage Shoot $10,000 Out Of A Confetti Cannon

You Won't Believe What Carnage Shot Out Of A Confetti Cannon (It's Not Chipotle)

Love or hate his festival trap sound, Carnage did something pretty rad for his fans.  While on his Parental Advisory Tour 2014, he took $10,000 of his own cash and loaded up the confetti cannons up with it at a recent show and then shot it out to the crowd.

Knowingly a great PR move, there was a camera there to film it.  It was all part of Carnage's Parental Advisory Tour, which closes out this weekend in Tulsa, Ok.  Check out the video of Carnage making it ran below:

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Carnage followed up the Facebook post by saying "if u hate on this.. you just mad cuz they prob gave you a tiny scoop of steak at chipotle" in the comment section.

Via: YourEDM

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