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The 30 Best Nu-Disco & Indie Dance Tracks of 2014


The 30 Best Nu-Disco & Indie Dance Tracks of 2014

The groove was great this year. The sounds were divine from ear to ear. 2014 was keen for that disco style, those who love the indie dance found it aplenty. 2015, things are feeling great, let's keep the good vibes going! Hopefully you aren't just looking fine with the sheen and shine of being new. Why am I rhyming? I honestly do not know, but it felt right, considering the timing. Nu-Disco and Indie Dance lovers, let me just say, god damn do I love you! It's been a pleasure writing up my selections for your consideration, and I can't wait to keep it going. So, we know why we are all here, and here they are, The 30 Best Nu-Disco & Indie Dance Tracks of 2014!

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10. “Nairobi” Bag Raiders, Modular Recordings

Fancy an African safari on the dancefloor? Well, a few boys from Down Under came back this year with quite the romp in the Kenyan wild! Bag Raiders delivered an absolute get down to business and get down on the dancefloor tune with 'Nairobi'. I can for sure see Mother Nature playing this song for all the animals out there in Kenya. Just sending out a memo to the creatures, "Hey, no eating each other today, it's time to dance!" Hang disco balls from the elephants' tusks, tell the cheetahs to start dancing real suave like, and make the lions chill, just be majestic and not so predatory. I mean, it's totally what Bag Raiders were going for with this one right?

9. “Happiness Juice” Munk feat. Mona Lazette, Exploited

Colorful, subtly comedic, sexually charged, and groove approved - Munk has a discofunked out hit with this great little something that carried us through the height of Summer. It is Munk’s second release on Exploited, collaborating with Mona Lazette as vocalist. He delivers a perfect summer hit with ‘Happiness Juice’ infused with soul, 80’s pop and indie disco. It's sensual fun with a touch of romance. Check out our music video premiere for this song!!!

8. “Get Down 2 Get Up” Mat Zo feat. The Knocks, Madd Zoo

Mat Zo is a man that’s out to redefine himself, and he will not be constrained by genre. No sir! He’s no one trick pony. The vocoder usage in this tune is funky fresh. The Knocks and Mat Zo whipped up a song that is a little unexpected. It's a great song that warms you up and spins you around. An ideal song to get any party feeling right and everyone having fun. I literally could listen to this song for hours, and I am pretty sure I'll be listening to it for years to come.

7. “Who’s Who of Who Cares (Daniel T. & Cooper Saver Remix)” Museum of Love, DFA Records

Museum of Love was one of my last shows of 2014, and what a great band to close with. It's a major project you need to listen to, and this remix on point. If fun were to be digitized, turned into sound, written and composed by Museum of Love and then remixed by Daniel T. & Cooper Saver, this is the exact thing that it would be. It’s got so much going on. I don’t want to pinpoint or dissect what makes it perfect. I just want to dance to it!

6. “If You Say So” Escort, Escort Records

For those that need to be educated, Escort is a disco orchestra that scales from a five member live act to ten plus players. They have been making waves since 2006, and they were doing better than ever in 2014! This track is a romantic affair that grabs you by the shoulders and starts moving you. Nothing but smiles with this song, and nothing but excellent execution in this contemporary disco masterpiece! This song will age well, it's timeless!

5. “Galaxy” Alex Metric & Oliver, OWSLA / Big Beat

When these boys collaborate, you stop and listen. You can’t discuss nu-disco in the modern context and not give love to these young pioneers. 'Galaxy' is an energized cosmic adventure, I dare you to give it a listen and stay completely still. Put this song on when you get off of work on a Friday and then get ready for the best weekend of your life.

4. “Whenever” Hotlane, Gomma

Let’s take it back to the basics, then let’s take it to the contemporary. This is a masterclass in retro futurism with the sick bass riff sample from the classic song 'I'll Be Around' and the sexy breathy female singer. The delightfully subtle but always present synth lends a great energy that gets you bouncing in the right way. Gomma is known for cultivating top notch productions that throw it back, and god damn did Hotlane deliver just the tune to do exactly that.

3. “Do It Again (Moullinex Remix)” Röyksopp & Robyn, Dog Triumph

Oh, this song... You ready for the perfect song to soundtrack an epic romance? Moullinex audaciously remixes an already amazing collaboration. This rework stands up boldly on its own. It's the type of song that fills the room, from the dancers on the floor to the very air filling your lungs. It fills you with a strong something, you can't quite put your finger on it but it's a special feeling. I love how Moullinex draws out the song, not allowing it to drag, but pushing it to its limits. So much going on here, I could write for hours, but it is a well deserved best nu-disco track of 2014!

2. “Two Bodies (Extended Version)” Flight Facilties feat. Emma Louise, Future Classic/ Glassnote

I love this song. I won't mince words, I'll just straight up scream it, I LOVE THIS SONG! Flight Facilities really unleashed a romantic work of art with their album this year, and this was one of the many standouts from that opus. It's a sophisticated song about fleeting love for a night. It's not pornographic, rather it's delicate. The songwriting substance perfectly matches that beautiful voice. Oh, and don't get me started on that piano... This is great music, and I love it.

1. “Private Practice” Nick Monaco, Soul Clap Records

Here is, the best nu-disco and indie dance song of 2014. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the number one spot belongs to Nick Monaco. This bold Bay Area talent isn't afraid to make music he believes in. You have to respect that. Though, he doesn't just have integrity, he is a true artist burgeoning with talent to match. 'Private Practice' caught my attention and struck me right through the heart. It's a great song to groove to and you can get so deep with it too. Check out Nick's album, a glorious work in its own right, 'Mating Call'. Oh and don't forget to buy his philanthropic lipstick either, this man was busy this year! Keep it up Mr. Monaco, you're a treasure and this song right here, both the original and unclubbed version, it's something I'll treasure forever.

There you have it! The top ten Best of Nu-Disco & Indie Dance for 2014! If you’d absolutely love a playlist of the top 30 from top to bottom before you read the remainder of the Best Nu-Disco & Indie Dance Tracks of 2014, here you are!

Now, you are free to groove about the rest of the selections!

11. “A Simply Design” The Juan MacLean, DFA Records

Anytime Nancy and The Juan MacLean collaborate, the world becomes a better place.

12. “Wolves” Digitalism, magnetism

Digitalism is back and off in a new direction, a good one at that. This is a fine piece of indie dance on Digitalism’s terms and boy can you dance to it.

13. “We-R-Superstars” Sander Kleinenberg, Spinnin Records

Hey, he’s speaking the truth. When you step out onto the dancefloor, check your baggage at the doors, for whatever time you’re out there moving and bouncing, grooving and dancing, you are a superstar! Thanks for the reminder Sander!

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14. “Rhythm of Auld” Julio Bashmore, Broadwalk Records

Julio's debut album is upon us and here is the first tune on that album. It’s a funky affair and I dare you not like it. Bring your worst attitude, just real bad vibes, and listen to this song. I guarantee you can’t even last ten seconds before this melts you into an amazing groove.

15. “Jet Skis & Joints (Tanner Ross Strip Club Mix)” Navid Izadi

This is a Tanner Ross strip club mix, and I really don’t think this song should be played in a strip club, if only to prevent a whole bunch of babies from being conceived! This song is some of the hottest sonic sex this year has heard!

16. “Flashback (Kon Remix)” Imagination, ISM

A master class in disco, that’s all I need to say about Kon!

17. “Don’t Miss” The Alexanders feat. Anna Lunoe, Partyfine

The Alexanders, composed of Yuksek and Alex Metric, provide a great beat, and Anna Lunoe lends her amazing voice to create an almost DFA style banger. This is the song that takes you away, and your night along with it. Don’t miss this one, it’s going to stick with you for a while.

18. “Surrender” Ali Love, Crosstown Rebels

Sexual funk house music with a little disco kick in its step. Ali Love is a Crosstown Rebel staple, and this heater since July may have been overlooked by me, but it sizzled up nicely. Extra flavor for a surprise delayed discovery I say.

19. “Not This Time” The 2 Bears, Southern Fried Records

Well the bears are back, better than ever if you ask me. I became a huge fan of The 2 Bears on their first album, and they launched to the moon with their second go around! Joe Goddard steps out and unleashes with his pipes in more ways than I have ever heard him sing before, and with great results. 'Not This Time' certainly exemplifies everything great about The 2 Bears, a wonderful song of heartache that is full of energy and empowerment. Not taking a failed romance lightly, no way, no how, not this time.

20. “Go Bang” Hot Chip, Yep Roc Records

Another tune that’s been out for a minute, and frankly I don’t know how I missed it. We all make mistakes, but then we can redeem ourselves and just GO BANG! Hot Chip kills it with a cover of Arthur Russell classic.

21. “Your Darkness” Benoit & Sergio, Visionquest Records

Groove ridden thrills, vocal samples, searing melodies and pulsing rhythms. These are a few of my favorite things that Benoit & Sergio brings to the table. This is a deep moody groover, so no amateurs allowed.

22. “Chillin Out (Poolside Edit)” Reginald Garland

Poolside are the definitive authority on daytime disco, and their edit of a classic shows they are masters of summer vibes and disco good times.

23. “I Try To Talk To You (Seth Troxler Remix)” Hercules & Love Affair, Big Beat Records

No stranger to remixes by electronic music heavies, Hercules & Love Affair receive a delicious remix from Seth Troxler on their track “I Try To Talk To You”. Seth applies his renowned talents and delivers a disco certified song that is as good for your soul as his BBQ is for your tastebuds.

24. “Sun, Moon & Stars Pt. 1” Menace & Lord, Better Music

Another super duo! This time Kris Menace and Simon Lord, both experienced musicians and masterminds combining their worlds for artistic benefit. Kris brings his unique flair for electronic production and Simon puts forth his voice and pop sensibilities, the result is a feel good album on the horizon!

25. “Stranger” Chris Malinchak feat. Mikky Ekko

If you get Pete Tong excited with your new sound, then you’re off to a great start. Malinchak comes out swinging with a strong sexy tune, sounding more like Michael Jackson than a hologram ever could. Points to Mikky Ekko and that voice…

26. “Chyna” Handbraekes, Boysnoize Records

There are boys who make noise, and then there are crazy French film directors who make crazy movies. Then there is Handbraekes which is Boys Noize and Mr. Oizo coming together to make a beautiful EP that will both soothe and scare you at the same time. Oh, and if you wanted a clear example of an indie dance tune, this right here should suffice.

27. “Elevator Love” Alexander Shofler, The Supertraxxe, Prep School Recordings

This is one hell of a song to get down to. Groovy and smooth, it’s well produced with a great singer to top it all off. So don’t mind me, let this sexy song take you away… Be careful with all that elevator love out there ladies and gentlemen.

28. “Feels Like” Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs x Anna Lunoe, Nice Age

Two of my favorites! The first release off of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs’ brand new label (Nice Age), a collaboration I got excited about when Anna told me about a few months ago. Now it is here, and I can’t stop listening to it! Bravo! Bravo! We want more!

29. “Don’t Give it Away” Les Professionnels, Rock It Science Labs

Check our music video premiere!

30. “Hashtag My Ass” Etienne de Crécy, Pixadelic

This song has tudes. This song has my seal of approval. This song is just hilarious and the best. I’ve been an Etienne fan for a minute, glad he’s keeping it going.

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