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The 30 Best Techno Tunes of 2014

The best in techno from 2014 with tunes by Tiga, Cirez D, Audion, Perc and many more.
tiga head shot

tiga head shot

Another year ends, and another year swiftly follows. 2014 was a great year to be alive, and it was a great year for techno. Continuing to push forward into the future, the genre appears to be as strong as ever. It is clear none of the great talents nor the young aspiring ones show any signs of slowing, and so the great potential and beautiful music that is techno is only growing. It was a techno year full of fun, a bit more on the brighter side than darker with regards to techno, and also we saw tech house BOOM! Debate me on this as much as you would like, but I see a great move deeper into techno in 2015 as house heads begin to see all the creative potential and beautiful stuff the techno masters and techno apprentices are cooking up. No matter where it goes, you know I’ll always be loving this thing called techno. Enough of all that! Let’s get on with Magnetic Magazine’s 30 Best Techno Tunes of 2014!!!!

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10. “Homeland” Joris Voorn & Matthew Dear, Green

A great collaboration that you’d have to be practically cemented into the ground not to be moved by. Joris Voorn’s Nobody Knows is this writer’s pick for best album of 2014, so it’s no surprise that one of the stronger songs of that album made it into this best of top ten. Matthew Dear and Joris Voorn made a song that is hard-pressed to be categorized, but it’s too excellent no to be noted. Listen deeply. Let this amazing work do its musical work, you will definitely feel something great.

9. “Papageno” Kölsch ft. Waa Industry, Kompakt

Did you know the kazoo had such amazing techno potential? Maybe it’s not the direct usage of a kazoo in this song, but hell, it’s got the right vibe! The build of this song is akin to a climb up a cartoonish mountain. It is fun ferocity with the definitive delicacy that Kölsch is known for. Also, the beautiful vocal of Waa Industry feels like the most appropriate prize on this techno mountaineering escapade.

8. “Fever” Tiga vs Audion, Turbo Recordings

I got a fever, a fever for more Tiga vs Audion collabs forever! This is a song that grips you, both by the heart and by the shirt. If you could gaze into the eyes of this techno beast, you wouldn’t need words, you’d just see that you better be grooving or you’re doing it wrong and you may get your head ripped off. I got a fever, a fever, and it’s burning me up, and it’s burning me down, down, down, down… This tune is so good, feels borderline sinful. I LOVE IT!

7. “Winter Linn” Clark, Warp Records

An undulating dark groover, a creeping monster. Clark is an artist who is as prolific as he is amazing. A current stalwart of the stellar Warp Records, Clark put out yet another amazing release with his self-titled album. “Winter Linn” was the standout among many of that album, and my suggestion: listen to this and don’t try to analyze it, just let it be and see what that does.

6. “Turn Around (Âme Remix)” Sailor & I, Life and Death

Oh boy, this song right here touches very close to my heart… I found this song at the end of Dixon’s set after wandering into the Yuma tent at Coachella. I had been separated by my group who were charging forward deep into the crowd to see a headliner I really could care less about. Sure I was alone, but I wanted to listen to something amazing, and I knew I would find it, and BOOM! The universe puts this song into my ears and quickly into my heart...

5. “minipops 67 [120.2][source Field mix]” Aphex Twin, Warp Records

The return of a God. The first single of Aphex Twin’s long overdue album Syro, it was accompanied with much fanfare in the form of blimps over the skies of London. I don’t need to spell it out anymore for you, you need to know Aphex Twin, and you need to accept his excellence. 

4. “10000” Proxy, Sotto Voce Records

This song isn’t for the weak. This song isn’t for the timid. This song is for the bold, brave, strong and techno devoted who love a powerful tune that is in your face and full of energy. Proxy is fairly well established as a current techno titan and I can’t wait to see what he does in the next year. This song absolutely floored me.

3. “Ruby” Cirez D, Mouseville

I have been curious what it is like to be in the studio with Eric Prydz. I’d love to just hover as a fly in the wall and see him at work, be it Pryda or Cirez D focused. Fairly certain it’s a mystical and dark experience that runs the entire spectrum of human emotions and experience. "Ruby" was one Cirez D release that absolutely lived up to the main objective of the pursuit of Eric Prydz’s dark techno. 

2. “Nightclubbing” Louisahhh!!! & Maelstrom, Bromance Records

This work of art, this piece of poetry right here captures that magical feeling that is 3 a.m. when you’ve gotten after it, and you’ve owned the night. Bromance continued its upward trajectory, and along with it you have seen Louisahhh!!! & Maelstrom respectively come into their own as major players in the Bromance crew. Keep an eye on these characters, they’ve got a style indisputably their own, and they are going someplace special.

1. “Bugatti” Tiga, Turbo Recordings

Not only is it the best song of 2014, it’s the most fun song of 2014. It’s got attitude, it’s got a subtle sexual undercurrent, it’s got Tiga’s vocals and amazing talent oozing from every second of it. The song is simple in one way, and ever so intricate in another. It’s a work of art, and not surprising it comes from a tried and true master. Tiga, we love you dearly and deeply, and keep up your amazing qualities. This is the number one best techno tune of 2014.

So you want a playlist?

Those were the top ten! Before I jump into the other 20 best techno tunes of 2014, here is the playlist of all the songs in its entirety for your ease of listening leisure and your techno loving pleasure!


11. “Drum Machines Do Have Soul” Anna, Turbo Recordings

Anna from Brazil was recommended to me by Gorgon City, and those boys clearly know what they are talking about. Anna’s latest EP on Turbo Recordings is just that good that I wanted to chart all three songs, but let’s not get carried away here people… Let’s just go with this one amazing one and you listen to the rest on your own.

12. “ExHale (Sonar Live Mix)” Plastikman, MUTE

If you don’t know Plastikman, you are in for a techno treat. Plastikman is Richie Hawtin, and he’s come back with another album after many years of Plastikman absence. Want more? Read my album review!

13. “Luna (Timo Maas Remix)” Wolfgang Haffner, Rockets & Ponies

A techno tune that I stumbled upon at the onset of this year’s summer. It only felt appropriate to start summer off right with a new remix from a gentleman who knows a thing or two about Ibizan summers. Timo Maas brings his brilliant techno touch to the latest by Wolfgang Haffner.

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14. “Planes & Trains (Dosem Remix)” Hot Since 72, Suara

Don’t get in the way, this song’s going somewhere. Sometimes you think things can’t get better, and then Dosem does his thing and you’ve got something that’ll turn any frown upside down.

15. “Love Letters (Agoria Remix)” Metronomy, Fayer

Metronomy seems to be one of the contenders for number one remixed bands of the year! But this remix is special, Agoria ain’t nothing to stick your nose up to. Agoria makes this song his own and takes it in a radically new, yet wonderful direction.

16. “Dem Howl” Audion feat. Troels Abrahamsen, Kompakt

As the year comes to a close, I feel Audion aka Matthew Dear may win techno god of the year. He’s killing it with both of his aliases and this right here is a definitive Audion winner. It’s got those epic feels with a side of melodic.

17. ”Haunted Girl Canyon (Eelke Kleijn Remix)” Henry Saiz, Suara

A fun little something from a Suara regular. Eelke Kleijn definitely can get any party going with this one, even if it’s your grandmother’s 81st or your nephews fifth. This is a legendary tune that starts with a smile and then builds to something surprisingly epic.

18. “Last Chance to Trance” Clouds, Turbo Recordings

The Turbo Recordings Warehouse Series is heavy duty techno weaponry and Clouds’ release "Last Chance to Trance" is going to either rip your face off or melt it off. The attitude and awe inspiring ability demonstrated in this song make you a wonder if it is safe to even let Clouds into a club.

19. “Black Ice (Deetron Re-Edit)” Basic Soul Unit, Midnight Shift

With a great retro, almost 80’s Kavinsky-esque vibe, Deetron makes a song that is simply beautiful. This song is magical and electric, and it’ll take your imagination to a very special place.

20. “Two Hundred” Perc & Truss, Perc Trax

The Two Hundred EP has a unique sound. Strong, innovative, out there, but still coherent. It’s an amazing work that really isn’t something many are capable of. A new life’s goal of mine is to see these gentleman perform live.

21. “Mermaid of Salinas (Boris Brejcha Remix)” Basement Jaxx, Atlantic Jaxx

What a minimal remix… He distills the ever eclectic Basement Jaxx, and then builds it all back up. Innovative producing on this tune, it’ll light a creative fire and bump those speakers.

22. “9T8” Dusky, School Records

I have been lucky enough to see Dusky do a thing or two a few times over. They are crushing it with every release, but this track is hot from the start, and then it has a softness towards the middle, simply delicious.

23. “Speaker Language” Danny Daze & Translucent, Kompakt

A poignant collaboration! Danny Daze knows no bounds and he’s going to a place of his own design. This song got me going, and got me to realize I need to keep my eyes fixed on this Danny Daze character...

24. “Cells” Pan-Pot, Second State Audio

The first release on the new Pan-Pot label. Phrased by some as the first step in a new direction for their career, and phrased by me as clearly a great first step!

25. “The Mara (Duke Dumont Edit)” Kiwi, Blasé Boys Club

A recent release from Duke Dumont’s label, Kiwi delivers a poppy bit of techno that is freshly fun. It’s mischievous and perfect for a Friday night on the town. Then Duke Dumont, who has outspokenly declared his love for this track, takes it into this Dukedom, and boy does it start to do magical things.

26. “Amya” Jinjé, Messrs. Kick & Drum

Beautiful and I love the little tribal vocal and instrument samples, and that clapping! This song has quite the build, but so many great elements all dancing about together to compose one gorgeous choon that is Amya! I can’t stop listening to this! Strike that, I WON’T STOP LISTENING TO IT!

27. “Strange Days (Recondite Remix)” Mind Against, Life and Death

The latest release by Mind Against, "Strange Days," on Life & Death is not to be overlooked. A definitive fixture in some of the best mixes we have heard, only the finest in top named selectors are choosing Mind Against to destroy music lovers the world over. Recondite’s remix is proof that this tune is one of the top techno songs out there, it’s mystical and ominous, and doesn’t that just spell out techno bliss?

28. “Electricity (Carl Craig C2 Blowed Out Remix)” Pleasure State, Hot Creations

A supergoup gets remixed by a superhuman. Taking on Pleasure State (MK + Lee Foss + Anabel Englund), the techno god Carl Craig delivers his own tech interpretation of the group’s debut track, just in time for the next batch of Pleasure State’s releases.

29. “Gully (Brodinski Rmx)” Spank Rock, Boysnoize Records

Brodinski weighed in on this widely remixed tune, and I loved it. Can we get the album already Mr. Brodinski? We’re waiting!!!!!

30. “Flash Auto” Nina Las Vegas & Swick, NEST

Been going crazy over this latest NEST release. We’ve got love for Nina and now we’ve got plenty of love for Swick. It may not be strictly techno, but it certainly has a keen techno influence, and god damn I love how anthemic it gets.

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