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5 EDM Songs You Never Want Stuck In Your Head

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5 EDM Songs You Never Want Stuck In Your Head

Ah, that lovely song that gets stuck in your head. Sometimes all it takes is just just a few chords and before you know it, the lyrics are bouncing on the inside of your skull like a game of pong on fast forward. And there is seemingly no way of fixing it... it's stuck there for what can seem like infinity.

Here are 5 EDM songs you never want stuck in your head...

1. Tiga- Bugatti
Nothing makes you more of a weirdo than sitting at your desk mumbling "Bugatti" every 20 secs. Co-workers will begin to wonder.

2. Calvin Harris "Summer"
"When I met you in the summer" Come on, sing the rest. Wait, what's that? All you know is "When I met you in the summer"? Yeah us to. Thanks for that, Calvin.

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3. Skrillex x The Doors "Breaking A Sweat" (Zedd Remix)
Mumbling "Bugatti" is bad, but sitting at your desk blurting out "Yeah, That's Good" every 20 secs is going to get you a trip down to human resources real quick. The plus side is you might score the afternoon off.

4. Swedish House Mafia "Don't You Worry Child"
Don't you, Don't you, Don't you wish you can get this song out of your head? Those of you that saw "Leave the World Behind" know what I'm talking about.

5. Major Lazer "Watch Out For This" (David Guetta Version)
The blank stare, the licking of the lips, the dreams that never were... You saw what happens when Guetta gets this stuck in his head. Don't let it happen to you.

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