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Airing Tonight: MTV True Life "I'm Hooked On Molly"

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Airing Tonight: MTV True Life "I'm Hooked On Molly"

NOTE:While we recognize that many fans of electronic dance music don't do drugs, we also recognize there are some that do. While not being essential to the culture, it is a part of the scene to some degree, that is why we are covering this topic.

A few months back, the EDM internet was abuzz with a casting call looking for people that were hooked on MDMA aka Molly. It was for the MTV True Life series, and since the casting fell right in the middle of festival season, causing substantial controversy amidst drug related deaths at some shows.

Well it looks like MTV has found who they were looking for, as an episode is premiering tonight. Here is the synopsis:

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...airing at 10/9c — gives an in-depth look at the latest trend dominating drug culture, Molly. While the fascination with the party pill (also known as the pure powder or crystalized form of MDMA, the drug typically found in ecstasy) has made a name for itself in pop culture, its appeal doesn’t stop there. In fact, Molly’s most dedicated users are neither rich nor famous: They’re your average teen or twentysomething.

The twenty second trailer is below, and while your first tendency may be to laugh, it actually looks pretty rough. Be careful out there kids...

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