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Axwell Λ Ingrosso Drop "Something New", Or Do They?

Can’t decide if Something New is an epic track… or awkward prom song...

No. Definitely awkward prom song. I can just see this song playing in an empty, anachronistic gym somewhere with Pedro & Napoleon on decks. Strangely, this isn’t Pedro & Napoleon but Axwell & Ingrosso.

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It’s easy to see why “Something New” is getting a lot of attention. The track is from two-thirds of Swedish House Mafia after all. And the Axwell Λ Ingrosso brand is looking sharp.

All the makings of a major hit are here, but maybe that's the problem. It's too safe. It’s not hard to envision screams during the sweeping, Avicii-esque guitar plucks, but I’m picturing a lot more uncomfortable stares. There's a lot of potential here but I'm still waiting for something new.

The track was released alongside the duo's other, more rugged single "Can't Hold Us Down".

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