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Bromance Records Announce's Homieland Tour and Compilation Album

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Bromance Records Announce's Homieland Tour and Compilation Album

The Bromance Records crew has just announces the global release of their debut compilation ‘Homieland Vol.1’ coming out on  November 24th. The compilation is the first from a new collaborative series ‘Homieland’ and includes Brodinski’s debut single ‘Can’t Help Myself’.

Homieland Vol.1 is a multi-faceted project removing the boundaries of conventional collaboration and instead creating an evolution. The release contains tracks from the label’s most hotly tipped artists and their most loved friends split across two discs transcending genre barriers and creating an unparalleled tracklisting of futuristic productions. Disc 1 ‘Family’ includes tracks from some of Bromance’s notorious artists amongst some newer additions to the roster, including Brodinski, Sam Tiba, Panteros666, Louisahhh!!!! and Maelstrom, whilst Disc 2 ‘Friends’ see’s Bromance team up with artists they have previously collaborated with and admire, including tracks from the likes of Jimmy Edgar, Distal and Suicideyear on this monumental collaborative compilation.

Homieland will translate onto the live stage through an immersive worldwide tour kicking off in November and continuing through to early 2015,  bringing the collective to some of the most esteemed and legendary venues across the globe. Alongside the DJ shows and numerous parties, the Bromance team will also be holding intimate chances for fans to interact with Homieland in each city prior to the shows throughout clothing stores, record shops and mystery locations. Some of which will include exhibitions of original artworks, meet and greets with Brodinski and the artists on tour, pop-up DJ sets and to connect with the special fashion capsule collections. Through the capsule collections, BMC lend their aesthetic and attitude to visionary designers to create cultivated and timeless pieces all over the world. The first will arrive early 2015.

Homieland will hit cities across the globe; Milan, Miami, LA, Mexico, NYC, London, Paris and Copenhagen are all confirmed with more dates being announced soon.

 “I’ve always loved collaborating with other people because I get bored too easily. When working together, my head is fed all the time, new ideas come flying from all directions. The more projects I’m involved in the better. With Bromance, I’m taking the feeling to the next level.” - Brodinski

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BMC Homieland Vol.1 Tracklist:


  1. GENER8ION ‘The New International Sound’

  2. Brodinski ft. SD ‘Can’t Help Myself’

  3. Louisahhh!!! & Maelstrom ‘Protection’

  4. Pipes ‘Punish It’

  5. Canblaster ‘Afterline’

  6. Sam Tiba feat. Sad Andy ‘Au Revoir’ (rap remix)

  7. Illangelo feat. St. Bartes ‘In My Head’

  8. Ateph Elidja ‘8Trauma’

  9. Panteros666 ‘Ho Erreur’

  10. Myd ‘Uberty’


  1. Sex Schön vs Sam Amant ‘Psycho Bitch’

  2. Jimmy Edgar ‘Frequency’

  3. Andre VII ‘Holy Muerte’

  4. Joefarr ‘Jetworks’

  5. Para One & Myd ‘Brooklyn’

  6. Jon Convex ‘New Scum’

  7. Distal ‘Go, Bang!’

  8. Richelle ‘Belee Dat’

  9. Suicideyear ‘Don’t Worry’

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