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Cut Snake: A life of beats, boards and shoey's (INTERVIEW)

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Mad as a Cut Snake, the Australian lingo meaning "go crazy," definitely applies to the guys of Cut Snake. Hailing from Australia’s Gold Coast, Cut Snake is Paul ‘Fish’ Fisher and Leigh ‘Sedz’ Sedley, both pro-surfers from the land down under. Cut Snake made the rounds of the American festival circuit in 2014, with sets at SXSW, Splash House and HARD Day of the Dead. When these two hit the decks, they serve up a perfect mix of deep house and tech house, mixing a vibe that sounds just as good in the early hours of the AM as it does by the pool.

I got a chance to catch up with the guys to chat about their year, influences and an Australian tradition set to sweep the world in 2015: the Shoey. After sitting with these guys, it’s safe to say they might have invented the term YOLO.

How do you guys construct your sets?

Anything to keep the vibe going! It’s a mix of what we like to play and what people like to listen to. You can prepare as much as possible – but what’s played relies most on what the crowd is doing.

Music is a flexible opinion. It’s all about variety. Everyone’s going to think something different about your music. At a certain point, you have to say, "Who cares," because you’re an artist.

Who are some of your influences?

When we first started DJing, Jamie Jones was always a massive influence for me. I remember when he brought out his first album on Crosstown Rebels I was just like, "What is this new sound?" This is real. That was the real starting point for us.

Lee Foss is another one. I love the way he puts his sets together. He’s a musical genius. Just an absolute weapon.

What are some of the best 2014 sounds you’ve heard?

Jackmaster is spot on with his track selection. Certain people are just on to what they’re doing and that’s the way music is.

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DJ Sabo is another one that is blowing my mind. He makes these desert jungle mixes that are incredible. Great talent, part of the Desert Hearts crew.

Explain the Shoey thing to me…

Shoey it up man! In Australia, you take your shoe off, you put your beer in it and you skull it as fast as possible. But if you don’t finish it, you have to do it again.

We have this one shoe that’s been making the rounds for five years now and it is just rancid. It’s got a GoPro connected to it. It’s a legend.

Check out the latest from Cut Snake below and be sure to wear a pair of shoes you could drink a beer out of next time you check them out!

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