Dance Floor Banger From Marilyn Manson?


Dance Floor Banger From Marilyn Manson?

So it seems like even Maryln Manson is getting in on the dance music craze with his “Dance Floor Metal Banger” according to this Rolling Stone post, or maybe it’s just click bait for dance music fans…? YUP, calling this a dance floor anything is really a stretch, just kind of sounds like metal with a weird semi electronic-ish intro, but dance music… even metalheads might scoff at this proposition. A 4/4 beat in dance music is typically electronic aka a drum machine… Listen for yourself. We fell for it, so we thought we would share the love.

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Marilyn Manson has offered up a new dance-floor stomper, "Deep Six," from his upcoming record, The Pale Emperor. The track pulsates with a four-on-the-floor disco beat, complemented with depressive, gothy post-punk guitar textures. The Antichrist Superstar sings about how love is evil and makes subtextual puns out of Greek mythology, singing, "You wanna know what Zeus said to Narcissus/'You better watch yourself.'" The song is available as an instant-gratification download for those who pre-order the album, which comes out January 20th.

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