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From deadmau5 To Krewella To Back To Deadmau5, These are the top 10 posts on Magnetic This Link

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A weekly recap of the Top 10 posts on Magnetic this week. From deadmau5 to Electric Zoo there's a little something for everyone this week.

Another week here at Magneticand that means another blog roll chalked full of all the latest EDM news. We had some good ones this week.

So not to lead with the bad news, but did everybody check out the 'I'm Hooked On Molly" episode that ran on MTV's True Life series? Scary stuff there. We also had developments in the Krewella V. Rainmain Lawsuit that brought deadmau5 into the mix (not officially, but still), moar deadmau5 news, and of course all the best of 2014 votings and nominations.

Here are the top 10 posts on Magnetic this week:

1. MTV to Air "I"m Hooked On Molly" Episode

2. deadmau5 Responds To Jahan Yousaf Of Krewella

3. Did Skrillex Just Reveal That He's Zhu? Not Really...

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