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deadmau5 Responds To Jahan Yousaf's Op-Ed On Sexism In EDM

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deadmau5 Responds To Jahan Yousaf's Op-ED

deadmau5 Responds To Jahan Yousaf's Op-ED

One thing we have all come to know about deadmau5 is that he is never one to shy away from controversy.   Yesterday, an Op-Ed by Krewella's Jahan Yousaf called "Deadmau5 Saved Me From Going Into Porn" was published on Billboard. The piece examined sexism in electronic music, and how the Krewella sisters (Jahan and Yasmine), might be bearing the brunt of it as lawsuits and countersuits against ex-band member Kris Trindl play out on the Internet.

A bit of a backstory- deadmau5 was one of the first to comment when the news broke that Kris Trindl (aka Rain Man) was allegedly fired from the group. His tweet read "EDM protip: if youre going to make a group / trio act... dont fire the guy who actually does shit", clearly indicating he did not feel the sisters contributed to the group in a meaningful way.

It looks like deadmau5 is sticking to his guns, tweeting out the following yesterday:

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Some pretty harsh words from deadmau5, but at least we all know his position on the matter.

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