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Diplo x Grizzly Bear x Vampire Weekend = Free Gangster Rap?

Diplo x Grizzly Bear x Vampire Weekend team up on Long Way Home. You've never heard “gangster rap” like this before.

It’s a fun game of "what-to-expect?" and you can safely expect the best. Soundcloud members quickly pointed out that the track is a rework of “Stand For” by Ty Dolla $ign, originally produced by Diplo and DJ Dahl. So the “gangster rap” genre-tag almost makes sense, but... not really at all because... um… Edward Droste from Grizzly Bear and Rostam from Vampire Weekend.

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The silky production on “Long Way Home” is a good reminder that all is not Jacks and twerks from Diplo. In fact, Diplo’s not far from home at all here. The Florida native has his roots in hip hop and remixed Grizzly Bear’s “Will Calls” just last year. You can download "Long Way Home" for free above.

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