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Dirty South Takes Over Hollywood: Epic 2-Day Show With New Film



Photograph by Sean Moore Photography

Dirty South invaded Avalon Hollywood for an epic two night takeover this past weekend. In addition to two shows, the DJ showcased his new film With You, which he wrote, produced and directed. Dirty South is breaking new ground for DJs – pairing his second album With You with a film, allowing fans to “see the album, hear the movie.”

The short film is Dirty South’s take on a futuristic sci-fi romance. A young boy falls in love with a girl from another planet, who has the unique ability to heal things. When they kiss for the first time he finds out she also has the ability to take life away. He survives, but he is robbed of his memory of her and we catch up with him 20 years later. Now a struggling artist, he grapples with the memory of his only love and sets out on a quest to find her once more. It’s a great pairing of the tracks from the album and really exhibits all of Dirty South’s talents –producing quality both in and out of the studio.

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The two time Grammy nominee hit the stage at Avalon ready to party. The set opened with his new anthem “Unbreakable” – setting the pace for the evening. From there, Dirty South took us on a journey through both of his albums and wildly popular remixes. Dirty South closed out the night with “City of Dreams” in the City of Angels.

It’s clear Dirty South has a passion for everything he does and wants to create a unique experience for his fans, whether they’re enjoying his music with him or from the comfort of their own home. If With You is any indication of what’s to come from Dirty South, the future is only bigger and better.

If you haven't already, get your copy of With You on iTunes - and enjoy the film as well!

Photograph by Sean Moore Photography

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