Event Recap: Q-Dance Takes Over Los Angeles

Event Recap: Q-Dance Takes Over Los Angeles

Imagine being incarcerated in a massive room filled with nothing, but the best sound equipment money can buy. Accompanied with a few of the best Hardstyle producers in the industry all playing in one night. Meanwhile, starting at heaven itself along with some of the most peaceful people on earth...That's QDance LA.

This show took LA by storm last year, and that's exactly what it did again. Since it's last stop here, the town has buzzed about straight Hardstyle for quite some time now. This year they brought nothing, but great and raw talent. All the artists were unique in their own way and because of this, everyone was constantly entertained.

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Event Recap: Q-Dance Takes Over Los Angeles

Zatox really stood out to us. Especially with some of the new music from his most recent album, respectively our favorite set of the night. Another honorable set to mention was Coone. Standing as a living legend in the Hardstyle scene, we had no doubts in our mind he wouldn't get creative. No better way to open up a set in California with "California Love", then transition in the music we were all really there for. QDance has easily marked it's territory in LA, and it's easy to see why.

The event lived up to every word that has been proclaimed about it, and even better than what people made it out to be. The production was unlike anything we have ever seen before and it was ideal with the blasting sound system. It matched perfectly with the lights, strobes, and made the music sound even better. Not just on stage, but the lights even stretched out further which gave a very personal feel. Standing on the balcony over looking the crowd with the lasers...pure euphoria...The LED screens captivated the fans, especially that odd Joker looking image constantly overseeing the crowd. In retrospect, production and lighting was a beautiful thing to witness and experience in person.

The crowd couldn't have been more excited for the night. People didn't just come for the show, fans came to see their favorite artists throw down. The crowd was full of die hard Hardstyle patriots who drove hours just to see their favorite DJ perform that night.

Plain and simple... You missed out. It's not just a rave or a festival, it's a family reunion of Hardstyle lovers who want to share their passion. It was a great thing to see the culture is still alive and flourishing.

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