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Event Review: Museum of Love & New Build at Mighty


On a stormy December night in San Francisco, Mighty drew a bold crowd; eager to brave the mildly torrential downpour to see Museum of Love and New Build. If you don't recognize the names Museum of Love and New Build, you better know the previous projects each of these band's members - LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, and The Juan Maclean to name a few. Really, the show that Restless Nights SF put on was quite the DFA family affair with everyone feeling the love, artist and band alike. There was a romantic atmosphere. It was subtly lit with colorful lights, but preserving just enough darkness. Most importantly, it all sounded excellent with a touch of the poetic.


The new wave grooves, ambient pop and post-disco flourishes were great from the first moment and carrying all the way through to the last minute Pat Mahoney and Al Doyle DJ set. The show just felt right as everyone there was a fan who didn't run away from a few raindrops. They were there to dance and see some of the best musicians in present times.

It was not crowded, but it was a full show. You could blame it on the weather or thank the weather for it, regardless it was a perfect show because of the simple and excellent art, and how that was a mutually shared focus of everyone there. If you were hoping to find rockstars who have let their careers go to their head, then you went to probably the worst show ever as these musicians are not very complicated human beings. I say this as they come off as people who just want to do what they love, play music. Yes, they are multifaceted and tremendously talented, but they were there for one thing and one thing only, to perform their art.


Museum of Love is Pat Mahoney's latest work, collaborating with Dennis McNany of The Juan Maclean. Museum of Love has been written up as an artsy affair, which I won't dispute, I'll bolster it with love. It is a deep band that clearly is close to Pat's and Dennis' respective hearts. It's vibrant and well rounded with majestic synths, moving instrumentation, and one hell of a voice from Pat Mahoney - finally stepping out from behind his drums of LCD fame. To sum it up, Museum of Love lives up to the hype as an impressive project, and those who hyped it up and said I absolutely had to see them were extremely credible people - Holy Ghost!, Nancy Whang, and Al Doyle.



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The other billed act was New Build, the latest pursuit of Hot Chip's Al Doyle and Felix Martin. New Build is an electro pop and ambient pop project that capitalizes upon the strengths of these orphean musicians to create a something that is more their own than any other band. It was my second time seeing New Build, and it was as moving as the first. The smile that was large and permanently fixed to Al Doyle's face perfectly describes the positive vibes that are strummed out, drummed out, and just played out wonderfully by this group.




And here are a few more of the photos for you viewing pleasure! Also a GREAT music video from Museum of Love!




If you want more, read my interview with Al Doyle talking about New Build, Hot Chip, and other things.

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