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Fabric Dances On In Face of Possible Closure

Fabric Dances On In Face of Possible Closure

Fabric, one of the world’s most well known clubs, is standing their ground despite news of being shut down. According to The London Evening Standard, it all comes down to a council licensing committee review tonight. The results of which are not yet known.

The problem, to no one’s surprise, is drug-related. The London Evening Standard notes further:

"Police have called for a review of its licence, saying that over the past three years, eight people have collapsed, four of whom died, at the Farringdon club after taking MDMA, ecstasy and other drugs.”

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Fabric issued a statement immediately afterward saying they’ll still be open “in the immediate future” despite the decision made by the council. They further explain the lengths they take to keep people safe.

“[…] we work tirelessly to ensure the safety of our patrons, at all times. We've run highly visible warning campaigns tackling numerous issues including drug use, safer travel, our harassment awareness initiative run in cooperation with Hollaback LDN and our Phone Safety campaign (which is now recognisable city-wide across London)."

Fabric Dances On In Face of Possible Closure

It remains to be seen if this will have any impact on the committee's decision. If it doesn’t, it’s not clear what appeal process the club might be able to take. However, there is already a petition going around with over 30,000 supporters hoping to the keep the club alive.

"To lose fabric has serious cultural and societal implications - not to mention economic (given it attracts a global clientele) - for both London and the UK…”

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