Fake Steve Aoki Trolls Audiences At Stereosonic


Fake Steve Aoki Trolls Audiences At Stereosonic

Steve Aoki is one of those icons in EDM that is easily recognizable.  He probably gets noiticed at the the grocery store, so just imagine what would happen if he walked around a music festival for three hours?

Well, that's exactly what he did.  Not really Steve Aoki though- an impersonator.  Turns out that Jarred Seng, a photographer, get's mistaken for Aoki all the time.  So he had the brilliance to go full Aoki- beard, diamond studded shades,  and over the top fashion - at Sterosonic, an Australian music festival.

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And guess what, he filmed it.  From the high-fives to photo requests, you get to experience what it would be like for Aoki to walk through the crowd.  He even made at appearance at a headliner set from -- Steve Aoki.


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