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Famed Berlin Nightclub Owner Looking To Open Venue In Detroit

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Fisher Body Plant In Detroit

Good news for the people of Detroit as Berlin nightclub owner Dimitri Hegemann has been filmed in action checking out digs of the once bankrupt city.

Hegemann is said to have expressed a  strong interest in a site known as the 'Fisher Body Plant No. 21' which  was an adjuct factory for car parts during Detroit's automotive golden age.  At its peak, the factory turned out approximately 370,000 car bodies a year.

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Tresor, Hegemann's nightclub in Berlin, is inspired by Detroit techno.  He also runs a label by the same name name.  Rumor has it that the new Detroit Venue would have both a nightclub and restaurant.

It is being reported that Hegemann has been in touch with both Detroit investors and city officials regarding plans, which are rumored to cost at least $70 million

And it looks like this is seriously in the works as, he also is said to have already visited the city last month.

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