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Free Download: deadmau5 >album title goes here

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deadmau5: deadmau5 >Album Title Goes Here

FREE DOWNLOAD: deadmau5 >album title goes here<

While deadmau5 may be best known for giving some serious snark on twitter, he's also been pretty generous on the music tip.  He has slew of albums and singles out, and is probably one of the heavist hitters in the EDM game  Also known as Joel Zimmerman, has just shared his >Album Title Goes Here< on Google Play.

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This album, deadmau5' third, was the follow up to his first two albums with equally shruggy titles -- 2008's Random Album Title and 2009's For Lack of a Better Name -- >Album Title Goes Here< surprisingly comes off as the most "whatevs" of the bunch, favoring slowly developing tracks with extended.  It off as the most "whatevs" of the bunch, favoring slowly developing tracks with extended intros, and cruising along the spaceways at midtempo and with only the occasional thump. My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way may give "Professional Griefers" his full goth swagger and "The Veldt," with guest vocalist Chris James, may use Ray Bradbury as the inspiration for an eight-minute EDM suite, but these tracks aren't overly garish, slick, or busy, and it's only when Cypress Hill show up on the iffy wobbler "Failbait" that the album feels clumsy or Steve Aoki-sized. The most rewarding moments come from the more restrained.

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