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Fresh Selection: Eekkoo & Casper Whirlin - Shadow People


Fresh Selection: Eekkoo & Casper Whirlin - Shadow People

The latest darling of Mau5trap, Eeekkoo, has come together with Casper Whirlin to make something simply electric. It is a song monstrous in scale, and it has sinister teeth. I absolutely know it when I say this is the music Godzilla listens to while he is chilling at the bottom of the ocean, preparing to launch from the depths and wreak havoc. Yet, it is not just massive and evil, it is innovative and on point with where techno should be going - always looking to the future, subtle, strong, and complex.

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Eekkoo is a name to watch, especially if Joel Zimmerman (aka deadmau5) is raving mad about him. Last time that happened you ended up with these guys like Skrillex and Feed me... You know, it's no big deal, but we're just saying!

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