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Fresh Selection: Elephante - Shooting Stars (Bag Raiders Cover)


Fresh Selection: Elephante - Shooting Stars (Bag Raiders Cover)

Whoa, whoa, whoa! THROWBACK FULL EFFECT COVER! Elephante, I LOVE IT! Taking a modern classic in a new direction, jampacking it with energy, this is the song you want to be in the middle of any scene for. Right in the thick of it, and letting the good times ride. Thanks for this Elephante, it has a deepness to it that most remixes could only dream of.

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Elephante is a remixer of the highest order, having crushed Hype Machine with a slew of remixes of songs from Calvin Harris to Lorde to the who’s who of EDM. He’s a classically trained pianist, a harvard graduate, and now aspiring vocalist. Elephante is here, and just keep your eye focused and ever so watchful on this shooting star! He's got some courage and confidence, no denying that as he took on a contemporary classic by covering Bag Raider's definitive song 'Shooting Stars'. Pay close attention to the pipes on Elephante, this man can sing.

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