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Fresh Selection: Gingy & Bordello - Tremors


Fresh Selection: Gingy & Bordello - Tremors

Beware the cool that slowly creeps down from Canada, no it is not the cold of winter we are talking about. We are talking about this cool techno by Gingy & Bordello that emanates from Toronto and is swirling the world over. Another selection off the amazing Turbo Recordings Warehouse series, and we are not afraid to scream our devotion to this relevant work of the best and brightest Turbo and the greater techno genre has to offer!

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I did some reading up, and apparently Bordello is no stranger to Turbo Recordings. Rather, after many years of serving up Tiga's bagels, this Turbo Recording intern gets his day in the sun! Gingy & Bordello are a Chinese-Italian duo who evidently know good techno when they make it! Oh, and it should be known that aside from making top notch techno, Gingy is a really nice guy.

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