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Fresh Selection: goldFFinch - Strive to Rise


Fresh Selection: goldFFinch - Strive to Rise

It is no secret that we are big time goldFFinch supports, and for very good reason - they are amazing! Their latest release is a contribution to the Turbo Recordings Warehouse Series with 'Strive to Rise', a certifiably chill techno groover.

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Their is a vastness in this subtle work that allows goldFFinch to have fun, play around and get a little weird with it. Close your eyes, move your body, and imagine yourself grooving through a techno jungle. Stylish monkeys swing through by your side, shouting that little tweeting noise at you, and all the while sexy jungle cats prowl, gazing and readying to pounce on this unwitting jungle dancer that is you. Better keep your dance game and amuse these cats because if you don't give it your all, I bet they are going to eat ya! Whoa, we just went some place...

Want more goldFFinch? Check out their amazing podcast they did for us back in October!

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