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Fresh Selection: Lakker - Monla (Extended)


Fresh Selection: Lakker - Monla (Extended)

Next up we have an extended version of the song 'Monla' by Lakker. Lakker is a mysterious group out of Ireland who keeps the focus on the art. Not ones to mince words or write up long bios or even do interviews for that matter it would appear. They are deft musicians with a keen sense of what makes music powerful. This extended edit sounds like a song Boards of Canada may have put out if they had started making music today.

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Pay attention to Lakker, you do not get signed to R&S Records if you don't have some major creative potential. They took me on a journey with this graceful work of downtempo electronica. It is a dream and the synths sing like a choir, but with the majesty of a symphony. I'm not sure exactly what that means, it's really up to you to interpret it. Frankly, the song felt like it moved my hands to write it that way, so I'm sticking to it!

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