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Fresh Selection: Niteppl feat. Her Favorite Flavor - Shout


Fresh Selection: Niteppl feat. Her Favorite Flavor - Shout

You ever wonder when is the right time to call someone a master? I think we have a real contender with this Niteppl character. With this second single on his sophomore effort, ‘Nu-Flesh’, Niteppl comes across as a real strong master of the synth. St. Lucia and M83 better watch out, Niteppl is walking softly and carrying a very big creative stick in their territory.

Romantic and with a strong mellow groove, ‘Shout’ is a song you can do so many things to – dance, fall in love for a night or a lifetime, or just take a moment and embrace the good vibes in this thing called life.The high moments of the work really hit, and overall the crescendo of the piece is graceful with such a delicate quality. It all just feels so organic, so right, so full of body and life. This song is alive and deeply moving.

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Also, let us not overlook the amazing voice of Her Favorite Flavor. It’s hard to miss as it fuses perfectly with the piece overall to become this extremely cohesive work. This is a song I want to experience live, it is going to absolutely crush crowds the world over. - See more at:

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