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Gadget Review: Ploom Model Two Vaporizer Review

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Gadget Review: Ploom Model Two Vaporizer Review

Smoking. It’s a filthy habit and becoming less acceptable in today’s world. But some of us still need our tobacco fix.   That is where the hot new trend of vaping comes in.

At the forefront of this rapidly emerging industry is Ploom and their Model Two, a slick, easy to use vaporizer that gives all the satisfaction of smoking, without any of the mess and odor.   To use it is simple- insert one of the recyclable aluminum pods (there are multiple flavors to choose from), give it about 30 seconds to heat up, and then you can puff a way – no cigarette butts, no odor, and no additional fuss.

The pods last for a long time (my first one lasted a  full two days), and at their cost, definitely offer a less expensive alternative to traditional cigarettes. The vaping experience takes a little getting used to, but I found it to be a much more elegant approach to traditional smoking – no more nasty glares or people fake coughing around you. Plus, just a few puffs leave you satisfied- no need to take 10 minute smoking breaks. The added bonus is coming back inside without needing to wash your hands to get rid of the cigarette smell.

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The battery is fully charged in about 90 minutes, and comes with a USB compatible charging base.   The Model Two design is slick and compact, allowing it to fit conveniently in your pocket or backpack, and the aluminum pod packs are sturdy enough to be toted around as well.

The kit we tested came with a the USB charging station, soft case, samples of the different flavors, and a soft case. You can also purchase additional mouthpieces and a wall outlet charger.

All in all, the Ploom Model Two experience is one worth testing out, especially if you are on a mission to quit smoking.   It would also make a good gift for anyone who might need a little help quitting in 2015.

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