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Get To Know Magnetic Magazine: Danny Kaufman House Music Editor

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Get To Know Magnetic Magazine: Danny Kaufman House Music Editor

Over the last year or so we have been doing our best to deliver you (our amazing readers) weekly charts broken down by genre. This takes a LOT of work and endless listening to dig up the pearls in a seemingly endless sea of turds (there are a lot more turds than pearls, just saying). So we want to give props to Danny Kaufman who listens week in and week out to bring you our Weekly House Music Top Ten. Props DK, we are looking forward to another fine year of choice cuts.

How did you come to write for Magnetic Magazine?

DK: Cue boring answer....I responded to the job Ad on Facebook.

Favorite genre?

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DK: House Music simply because it's a unique form of music that house no boundaries other than the driving 4/4 beat.

Best Magnetic Magazine Memory of 2014 (interview, festival, etc.)

DK: Writing about the 10 best tracks in house music every single week of the year!

If you could have one goal in 2015, what would it be (Interview Hardwell, Marry Maya Jane Coles, Shave Steve Aoki’s head etc)?

DK: Attend Amsterdam Dance Event otherwise known as ADE. It’s more or less the most important gathering for Dance Music on the planet.

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