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Get To Know Magnetic Magazine: Drum And Bass Editor Carly Mountford

Get To Know Magnetic Magazine: Drum And Bass Editor Carly Mountford

So we spend a lot of time working our asses off to give you our amazing reader the best content about Electronic Music and Culture that we can find. So we figured it was about time to give you a more personal introduction to some of our amazing staffers. Welcome to our Get To Know Magnetic Magazine series. Meet Carly Mountford based in London, she has recently come aboard as our Drum and Bass Editor.

Name: Carly Mountford
Title: Drum and Bass Editor

How did you discover electronic dance music?
Dinky little New Zealand, if nothing else, has a pretty sweet Drum and Bass scene and growing up with pub concerts featuring the likes of Shapeshifter, Concord Dawn and State of Mind doing their thing, I’d already had a little dabble. Then, after making the move to London in 2012, I started running to it, listening obsessively, attempting to skank and generally not being able to get enough of the stuff...

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What are your favorite genres and why?
The obvious one here, just because it makes me so happy, is Drum and Bass…used to be fiercely jump up/jungle but over the last year, I have slowly come around to enjoy the liquid as well. There is simply nothing that beats the outright energy of drum and bass dropped in a festival tent. I’ll own up to listening to a bit of deep house recently as well, just to relax a bit... plus I like Bastille. A lot okay.

How did you come to write for Magnetic Magazine?
Saw it advertised on Facebook and bashed the link through to half the D&B lads I know before realising that I wanted it – and wanted it bad. So I emailed through, was inappropriately familiar and implied I had Fabric’s floor layout memorised. No one knows the floor layout of Fabric. It is a dungeon maze and I am always drunk. However! Grand claims aside- I do love the scene and conveniently live in London, so it all worked out pretty swish.

Best Magnetic Magazine Memory of 2014 (interview, festival, etc.)?
As one of the newest editors, I haven’t yet had a chance to disgrace myself on behalf of Magnetic as much as I would have liked. However, I did attend the DrumandBassArena Awards just recently and can say with absolute confidence, that is something I will repeatedly tell my uninterested grandchildren about. Whilst we’re sharing, I also nicked the table number and the head of Hospital Records, Tony Colman should think himself lucky I didn’t try to lick his face. Just saying. I had a good time.

If you could have one goal in 2015, what would it be (Interview Hardwell, Marry Maya Jane Coles, Shave Steve Aoki’s head etc)?
My goal for the new year is to… experience some Drum and Bass in Ibiza. I was previously under the impression that Ibiza didn’t cater to the D&B…turns out, I am just stupid and it definitely does. There’s plenty of drum and bass there and I need to get my ass there pronto. So roll on that! Also, if Ibiza doesn’t clean me out, Outlook (take 2) is high on the wish list – as is Let It Roll.

Just a note – any D&B kids in London want to catch up or chat – flick me a message on Always stoked to hear from people that are proper into the stuff!

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