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If you got it, Flaunt it! ADMN's latest release on Anabatic is Raunchy Goodness

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If you are looking for something to get down to, Anabatic’s latest release ‘Flaunt It’ from ADMN is just the ticket. Oh, and I’m not just saying get down as in on the dance floor… Give this EP a listen, and you will agree sex seems to be on ADMN’s brain, and thank god for it!

With top notch beats building and guiding a persistent groove all the way through, there is a comical tone of raunch embellishing the first two tracks, ‘Dance Stutt’ and ‘Motorboat’. Yet, the final track, ‘Break N Dana’ dives deep and speaks volumes to ADMN’s impressive range. This isn't a cookie cutter release that fits in with all the other tech house and deep house songs coming out. 'Flaunt It' does exactly as titled, flaunts ADMN's massive talent!

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The innovative modification of the vocal elements is a strength that might be missed by most listeners. It rather clearly sounds like ADMN has a way of working the vocals to make them his own. I sense a bit of love and care goes into combining these with the overall production, subsequently launching the EP overall above and beyond most productions. This EP is groove approved, the bass hits and it's going to get everybody shaking. It's got a lot of big name support (Tiga, Dubfire, Shadow Child, Maya Jane Coles), so don't be left out, pick this up RIGHT NOW!

So, love the EP and admit that you’re a fan. If you want more from ADMN, well check out his other project Autoclave’s Ass N’Kitty EP released last year also on Anabatic.

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