Ho Ho Ho! Here are 10 Awesome EDM Holiday Songs

bad santa

Christmas is undoubtedly one of the greatest times of the year. Heavy drinking is encouraged, you're actually allowed paid time off of your job, and everything is lit up like Tomorrowland's main stage. Seriously, lasers and music everywhere. It's a ravers paradise! The only downside? The same fifteen carols being forced onto innocent radios everywhere.

Mariah Carey? Please... just stop. N*Sync? There is a limit. Elvis, Frank and Bing - we love you, but we gotta save you for post-holiday dinner naps. Walking through any department store during the entire month of December requires headphones and a Prozac, am I right?

Don't worry. Not all is lost -- when you look hard enough, the glorious interwebs spits up something fantastic... EDM Holiday remixes. Remember last year when we dropped 13 unlikely wintertime tunes? Well friends, here are 10 more. Enjoy!

1. Terravita - RockCarol: Because you can't have a proper holiday without some ratchetivities going down. Go ahead, let your drunk aunt express herself. We don't judge -- we leave that shit to Santa.

2. Marco Farouk + Ferran Quintana: Pretty much everything you enjoy about holiday music -- without so much spirit-ness. Less screeching, more drops. Yes, please.

3. PaulMackie - LastChristmas: A house flavored twist to a classic anthem. You really can't go wrong.

4. RudemanRBft. JacVanBee - MerryChristmas: This song just makes you feel naughty. It's like the new "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause" BDSM style.

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5. BRZRK Syndrome - Mary Did You: I mean, this is just pretty. Like really, really pretty. The perfect amount of sound effects, traditional elements and superior vocal breaks.

6. Patrick Reza - Rocking Around The Christmas Tree: And you thought we weren't going traditional. Well, here is 34 seconds of pure caroling. Everything that happens after that is grinchy, grimy and delicious.

7. Televisor - We Wish You A Merry Christmas: What would the holidays be without a little disco influence? It's happy, upbeat and nostalgic. Even your grams will appreciate this little disco biscuit jam.

8. pKal - The First Noel: Probably the most tasteful song on this list. Lets be real though -- who would have thought that kicks and bells went so good together, right? It makes you want to run through the snow with a confetti gun.

9. Rouge - Goodbye (Winter Chords): This song is either going to make you cry from happiness or depression - either way is fine. Chords on chords on chords. That little Skrillex-esque vocal adds the cherry on top, for sure.

10. Homo Mashupiens - Christmas Animals (Vs. Martin Garrix Na Ta Poume Bootleg): So... we're all really, really tired of hearing little Martin Garrix's Animals coming out of every sound orifice on this planet, I get that. Really, I do. But this bootleg is such an epic winner for everyone. I mean, you could probably watch the entire Friday After Next movie to this on repeat and it would make complete sense.

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