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Holiday Gift Guide: The Nude Audio Studio 5 Is Perfect For The Design Savvy Music Lover

Looking for a great wireless speaker that looks great, sounds great and won't break the bank? The Nude Audio Studio 5 might just be what you need.
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The Nude Audio Studio 5 Speaker

We first got hip to the Nude Audio brand this summer at the Agenda trade show down in Long Beach. We were lucky enough to get our hands on the Super-M prototype and since then we have been huge fans of the brand.

Aside from their mobile speaker options, the people at Nude also have a great solution for your office or bedroom with the Studio 5. Nude Audio’s mantra is really founded in the idea that great design and great sound can be had for an affordable price.

The Studio 5 straddles the masculine and the feminine in its sleek design so it will work in a coed household no problem. It’s the perfect size for a nightstand and doubles as an iPhone charger so you can be fully charged in the morning.

The Studio 5 support’s aptX technology for higher quality wireless audio as well as dual-pairing Bluetooth devices. This is nice because you won’t need to keep re-connecting different devices and it allows your friends to plug in as well.

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On the wired tip there’s a lightning connection for iPhone/iPad, but no option for the older 30 pin connectors, so those are not going to work with the mount. Older iOS devices can use the Bluetooth connection or the 2.1 setup’s 3.5mm aux-in connection. The physical controls (aka buttons) are easily accessed on the top with Back/Forward/Play/Pause/Volume.

So if you are looking for a gift for that music lover in your life and you want to step it up a bit with design/sound for a price point that won’t kill your holiday budget, this is a score.

Priced at $179/£149

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