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Holiday Gift Guide: Vaporizers For Your Favorite Vaper

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Holiday Gift Guide: Vaporizers For Your Favorite Vaper

So our friends at and Ploom sent us down a few differnet models to test out for our holiday gift guide and we assume to help spread some holiday chear. High fivs all around, ahhhh yeah (I might use that joke twice, forgive me). Each model has its own speacial characteristics and functionality that will make it perfect for any number of vapers this holiday season, so take a look, hey it’s better than smoke!

Marquee Vaporizer (Image Above)

This is a very sleek and well-made vaporizer, priced right at roughly $70 U.S. This is a vaporizer that runs on E-juice and can be loaded up with flavors that both contain and do not contain nicotine. We tried it with a flavored nicotine free Mango flavor and it's pretty fun to blow out huge puffs of Mango vapor, not going to lie. If you are looking for a slick piece of gear that will last, the Marquee Vaporizer is a good bet. $70.00

Holiday Gift Guide: Vaporizers For Your Favorite Vaper

Ploom Model Two

Smoking. It’s a filthy habit and becoming less acceptable in today’s world. But some of us still need our tobacco fix.   That is where the hot new trend of vaping comes in. At the forefront of this rapidly emerging industry is Ploom and their Model Two, a slick, easy to use vaporizer that gives all the satisfaction of smoking, without any of the mess and odor.   To use it is simple- insert one of the recyclable aluminum pods (there are multiple flavors to choose from), give it about 30 seconds to heat up, and then you can puff a way – no cigarette butts, no odor, and no additional fuss. $65.00

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Holiday Gift Guide: Vaporizers For Your Favorite Vaper


As vaporizing becomes the preferred format over smoking, the market has become cluttered with new products. But few have been as clever as the PUFFiT 2, which takes the form of an asthmatic’s inhaler so you can, well… vape in plain site without anyone the wiser. Although it’s a bit bigger than some of the other portable vapes, this is really more about James Bond style blending. You’re going for stealth and invisibility here right? The PUFFiT 2 also comes with some pretty amazing and innovative features besides just the social camo job. About $99

Holiday Gift Guide: Vaporizers For Your Favorite Vaper


Are you looking for the best of the best in Vaporizing? Then you have found it with the PAX by Ploom. Yes, this is the iPhone of vaporizers without a doubt. The price is a little steep but if you take your vaporizing seriously then the $250 should be no obstacle. The PAX also comes with a 10-year warranty, cleaning tools and a charger. We give the PAX a 10/10 and to date it is the best portable vaporizer we have ever used—I mean seen. This one is for the heavy duty vaping pros, you will get lots of hugs for this one, probalby some high fives too… HA!

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