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Lightning in a Bottle 2015 Official Artwork Revealed - Designed By IS050

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The Do LaB Teams Up With IS050 For Lightning in a Bottle 2015 Official Artwork.

The Do LaB teams up with IS050 to design Lightning in a Bottle 2015 official artwork.

The Do LaB has announced that IS050 (Scott Hansen of Tycho) will be the lead visual designer for Lightning in a Bottle 2015, California's premiere transformational music festival. ISO50 will have his stylized design on everything from the website to the lineup flyer.

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Lightning in a Bottle just released their first image from IS050, who was given a blank canvas to showcase his unique design style and preview what is to come for next year's festival. IS050's design was built off a photo from photographer and friend Daniel Zetterstrom, whose photo was selected for its focus on individual experiences within a communal setting that has come embody LiB. Also, the water pail that one of the characters is holding signifies the festival's connection to the environment and its role to improve/educate California amid the drought.

ISO50 also produces music under the name Tycho, creating dreamy atmospheric music that has garnered admiration from music critics and fans across the globe, highlighted by the release of one of 2014’s standout albums Awake.

Stay tuned for full festival details for Lightning in a Bottle coming December 17th.


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