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Madonna Releases New Tracks With Diplo and Kanye West

Madonna Releases New Tracks With Diplo and Kanye West

Before Diplo was the king of twerk, Madonna was the queen of pop. It seems like a long time coming, but the two mega artists have finally teamed up for Madonna's upcoming album Rebel Heart. The tracks are already soaring up the charts worldwide, but the standout might surprise you.

Rebel Heart is scheduled for March 15th, but Madonna just released the first six tracks on iTunes as part of an "early Christmas gift". Seems like we've been getting a lot of those lately... Three of the six tracks are produced by Diplo. "Living For Love," "Bitch I'm Madonna," and "Unapologetic Bitch."

Diplo's previous work with Madonna didn't go over so well. Billboard posted a video earlier this summer where Annie Mac loses it after hearing Diplo mess with "La Isla Bonita." This is much better of course. Diplo puts out an impressive range of production on the tracks from dancehall dirt to twisted trap to soulful pop.

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The other released tracks carry some pretty impressive production credits as well. Kanye West produces "Illuminati", Billboard produces the emotionally heavy "Ghosttown" and DJ Dahi and Blood Diamonds produce "Devil Pray". The latter may actually be the most impressive of all the tracks with a seductive swing and spellbinding sample.

Arguably the biggest name in music, Diplo's work with Madonna is sure to take over the past, present and future. Just don't sleep on the rest of the album, especially "Devil Pray" which could be the sleeper track of the year. Download on iTunes.

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