MAGNETIC Guest Podcast And Interview: Olivier Weiter (Melodic Techno & House)

MAGNETIC Guest Podcast And Interview: Olivier Weiter (Melodic Techno & House)

MAGNETIC Guest Podcast And Interview: Olivier Weiter (Melodic Techno & House)

Get ready for a sultry, smooth and melodic mix of Techno and House compliments of Olivier Weiter. If there ever was a perfect mix of heady and dance floor bliss that pulls you in and out of consciousness this would be it. This is perfection. Enjoy!

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Track Listing
The Cheapers - Autumn Blues
Sahar Z & Guy Mantzur - Sliding Doors
Ambassador - The fade (Guy J Remix)
Brian Cid - Myst
Henry Saiz - Haunted Girl Canyon (Eelke Kleijn Remix)
Simon Shackleton - We All Shine On
Einmusik - Voyage
Trentemoller - Always Something Better (DJ Tennis & Mind Against Remix)
Alex Justino - Vondelpark
Anton Dhouran - Mirage
Northern Lite - London (Louis Kolben Remix)

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Q&A With Olivier Weiter

What are your weapons of choice in the DJ booth? (CDJs, Controllers, Ableton, etc?)
CDJ's 2000 Nexus, Boss Digital Delay DD5 Allen & Heath Xone92 Mixer and a technics sl1200 turntable on the side.

How do you feel about vinyl is it just an antiquated technology or do you still like or use the format?
Sometimes I still play vinyl. I started DJ-ing with vinyl and I will always support this format. When I'm at home I often play LP's, and sometimes during a set I play a track on vinyl because it has never been released on a digital format. So yes, I will always be supporting vinyl!

What do you think about the current explosion of electronic music and DJ culture in the USA at the moment?
It's a good thing. The bigger the EDM scene gets, the bigger the interest in other electronic music genres will be. Sure, a lot of kids nowadays listen to EDM, but there will be a moment when they get bored, or just want to discover other electronic music genres. So they are going to widen their horizon, and maybe, one day, will be dancing in front of me. The current explosion of the DJ Culture in USA is also a good thing, it keeps you motivated to do what you love to do most, and stay focused on your thing for 100%. Because there are some many people, which call themselves “DJ's” at the moment, it's important to create your own signature style in performing and producing music.

Who are some of your old school influences (guys from the 90s)?
DJ wise: Sven Vath, DJ Remy, Hernan Cattaneo & Nick Warren, Dimitri, DJ Weirdo, Eddy de Clercq, Also Michael Jackson, as a singer and performer. And the guys from Death Row Records, but that's another genre ;)

If you were able to do a 2x4 with any DJ who would you choose?
I'm not so much into B2B sessions, since I'm more of a lone ranger. But a marathon session with Sven during a daytime after hour would be awesome.

What are some of your all time favorite Labels past and present?
Drumcode, Cocoon Recordings, Einmusika, Wagon Repair, Last night on Earth, Rumours, Sudbeat, Parquet, Warp, 50 weapons. And so on ;)

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