Magnetic Magazine Guest Podcast and Interview With Finland’s Leftfield Specialists Phantom

Magnetic Magazine Guest Podcast and Interview With Finland’s Leftfield Specialists Phantom

This is not dance music, we repeat, this not dance music. This is wave jamming, brainwave activating chill out, left field, downtempo electronic music! We are extremely excited to present this guest podcast from Finland's Phantom. This one is for fans of Aphex Twin, The XX, Massive Attack, Brian Eno (the early years), etc. So lean back, slap on your headphones and enjoy the space between your ears, errr we mean the frequencies... :)

Ladies and gentlenerds, we give you Phantom.

There has been a strong wave of top notch electronic music coming out of Scandinavia as of late, are you feeling this energy/hype in your local scene and in neighboring countries?

Definitely, there's a lot of that energy going on in Scandinavian countries at the moment. The scene has been strong for years, but at the moment there's a new wave of fresh and interesting acts all around the Nordics finding their way to the international spotlight. The vibe in Finland is strong and there seems to be higher demand for interesting new music. Got to say though, that there has been a handful of really active DIY people, pushing the whole electronic/alternative/club/rave culture forward in Finland.

Who are some of your current and more classic influences? Are you fans of the early/mid 90s sounds from acts like Massive Attack, DJ Food, Mixmaster Morris, etc?

We're both definitely influenced early-on by the whole Bristol sound, but our backgrounds differ a lot. Hanna has her background in jazz & poetry and Tommi in deep and dark underground raves & media art. We're both inspired by DIY sounds from weird places (trains, flea markets, stones in a box, second hand synths that nobody gives credit for…), big vocalists, cinematic soundscapes, and of course some great artists such as Trentemøller, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Nine Inch Nails, Ennio Morricone, Philip Glass, James Blake, Beyonce, Die Antwoord, Flying Lotus etc.

What is your take on the explosion of electronic music in the USA? Are you coming to the states anytime soon?

The explosion has really swept through the whole music industry and you can easily hear elements of modern electronic music in most of the popular music nowadays. Whether those elements come from more popular EDM or underground electronic music, it really doesn't matter, we think there is progress and movement in the scene happening right now. The explosion is happening all around the world, and it's interesting to follow this growing movement and how it's going to change in the next years. Hopefully there will be more new and thought-provoking music and mutations of genres when artists with different musical and cultural backgrounds join forces. We'll definitely come to the states hopefully sooner that later!

What’s the most important piece of gear in your studio?

The UFO Controller (a self-built instrument, similar to a midi-Theremin). (For more information you can check out )

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Who are some of your favorite acts in the House/Techno scene at the moment?

Âme (and the label Innervisions), Clark, Jamie XX, Caribou, Moderat, Siriusmo

MAGNETIC MAGAZINE Guest Podcast: Phantom by Magnetic Magazine on Mixcloud

Guest Podcast Tracklist:

Ketev - Akko
Objekt - Dogma (with bits of Clark - Everlane)
Alex Banks - All You Could Do (Alternate Version)
Bonobo - The Keeper (Alex Banks Remix)
Borealis - Imago VX
The Bug - Black Wasp (Feat. Liz Harris)
Moderat - This Time
Phantom - Kisses (TWWTH Remix, unreleased)
Caribou - Our Love
James Blake - 200 Pressure
Clark - Superscope
Gazelle Twin - Human Touch
HWLS - 004 (with bits of SBTRKT - New Dorp New York)
Julien Mier - Super Tropic Tramp
Burial - In McDonalds
Phantom - Over (Borealis Remix, unreleased)


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