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Magnetic Magazine Guest Podcast: SIZE Record’s Artist Max Vangeli

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Magnetic Magazine Guest Podcast: SIZE Record’s Artist Max Vangeli

SIZE Records artist Max Vangeli drops in for a guest podcast, bringing a full on assault of dance floor heat, dare we say epic house music! From acid house vibes to smoothed out silky vocals to some bigger more progressive tunes, Vangeli keeps you moving and there's never a dull moment. This guy is a DJ and understands how to rock a floor, you won't find any of that power drill same old, same old crap here. Keep an eye on this guy, he's sure to be taking many a headliner spot soon.

MAGNETIC Magazine Guest Podcast: Max Vangeli by Magnetic Magazine on Mixcloud

Max Vangeli Q&A

What are your weapons of choice, in other words what would your perfect DJ booth look like?
Lots of space, with good both monitors and new mixer. I hate bad sound in the booth and bad knobs, its the worst.

Who are some of your old school influences (aka guys that started in the 90s…)?
Junior Jack, Kid Creme, & Prodigy were definitely at the top of my list.

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Favorite non Dance/Electronic Music artist/band?
Queen was always my favorite rock band of all time, after that it was Rage Against the Machine!

If you could do a live 2x4 set with any DJ, who would you choose?
Hmm thats a tough one, honestly probably Eric Prydz.

What are your thoughts on the current state of Electronic music and where do you think it’s headed in USA?
It's going back to the good shit! FINALLY, all that garbage music is going out the window. I'm so thankful for that, let the sweeping begin.

Star Wars or Star Trek?
Star Wars!

Where is the next place you are going with all those frequent flyer miles?
Probably my next gig :)

What can we expect from you in 2015?
A lot of solo releases including my follow up to “Last Night Changed It All” which is called "You & Me"


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