Magnetic Mag’s Winner Best Record Label 2014


Magnetic Mag’s Winner Best Record Label 2014

Congratulations Armed Recordings!

Labels have been a staple in dance music since day one. Whether it be with vinly or mp3s labels have always been curators, building catalogs that DJs and consumers alike learn to trust simply by moniker alone without even a listen. Trance fans love their labels and dominated the chart this year with multi genre Armed Recordings taking the number one spot.

Over 45,000 votes came in over the course of the last month letting our readers vote for their favorites in each of our categories: Best DJ Headphones, Song, Remix, DJ Set, Music Festival, Nightclub, Record Label, Album, Promoter, Wireless Speaker and DJ Controller.

Magnetic Magazine worked with our friends at Ranker to make sure the voting was transparent, not hacked, and there were no duplicate IPs allowed to vote. So this ladies and gentleman is truly a peoples vote! Thanks for all of our great readers who nominated and voted for their favorites.

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There was some incredibly great products, promoters, clubs, festivals, songs, labels and DJs in this years categories. So we have included the top ten or five runners up as well to let you know where everything landed.

Top Ten Labels: Armed Recordings, Musical Noize, SIZE Records, Armada Records, Club G Music, Enhanced Music, Trance Temple, Anjuna Beats, Ultra Records, Hysteria Records

Magnetic Mag’s Winner Best Record Label 2014

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Congratulations to all of our winners and finalists. Happy Holidays!

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