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Magnetic's Top FreshLIST Selections of 2014!

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Magnetic's Top FreshLIST Selections of 2014!

Wow, did this year sound great or what?

So, we selected them, you listened, and now here it is, our end of the year list for the our Freshlist series on Youtube. We picked them all as fresh and ripe as possible, getting the tunes to your eyes and ears weekly. After all the hard work curating and video making, you and the groove apparently took it from there!

It is a new endeavor with a great start, and we hope you have enjoyed the journey we have begun. You better believe we're not stopping! Now, we'll never forget you, our devoted fans and friends who helped get this pursuit of freshness going, and I wanted to take a moment to say thanks for listening. You know we couldn't do it without you!

My good music loving people, If you love our Freshlist selections, don’t forget to subscribe!" to keep our fresh selections going! We're making bold moves and 2015 doesn't know what it's got coming! Keep the good vibes alive! Keep the party going! These are the top twenty FreshLIST selections of 2014!

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1. AB/DC - This Feelin' (Soul Clap's Deepest Dub)

A deep dub from Soul Clap means only one thing – you are guaranteed an innovative, sexy tune. It is as perfect for a sunset drive as a late night grind, this is dance floor dynamite, but very, very classy.

2. Future Islands - Seasons (DJ Dodger Stadium Remix)

When greatness comes together, nothing but excellence follows. Jerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy bring their unique and refined aesthetics together to rework the indie sensation Future Islands.

3. Fink - Looking Too Closely (Patrick Lite Remix)

This song is an arrow straight to the heart. I am not sure where Patrick Lite has been all his life hiding his talents, but I am so glad I stumbled on this magical remix… It’s full of nothing but beauty and love.

4. Étienne de Crécy - Hashtag My Ass

This song has tudes. This song has my seal of approval. This song is just hilarious and the best. I’ve been an Etienne fan for a minute, glad he’s keeping it going.

5. Vanilla Ace, L.O.O.P - Nasty Girl

Maybe you shouldn’t bring an actual nasty girl home to your mother, but you should most definitely bring this song home and let your momma groove!

6. Pig&Dan - Sandstorm

These two techno gurus really worked up something special with this release, one of many stellar releases in 2014. Check our interview with Dan Duncan (one half of Pig&Dan!)

7. Marc Marzenit - To Love Until We Say Goodbye (Uner Remix)

Uner focuses his remix energy to translate ‘To Love Until We Say Goodbye’ into a mellow pounding techno tune retaining the strong emotions of the original along with a subtle ferocity that keeps an aggressive edge pushing forward. This song is a bit darker, but when it comes to a break-up, it’s seldom a happy affair. Overall, I think it’s a triumphant piece of tech house, and this song has stay power, so expect to hear it when you’re out and about the world over.

8. The Basement Tapes - Loving Me

Only the chillest vibes in this delicious, suave bit of future r’n’b. Oh man, this song is like a very passionate makeout session…

9. La Roux - Uptight Downtown (Cherry Cherry Boom Boom Remix)

La Roux’s vocal talents get a nu-disco does electro remix from Cherry Cherry Boom Boom. This one can rock both the big room and the small room, both will be popping off.

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10. Seinabo Sey - Hard Time (Dimond Saints Remix)

Soulful bass music is very of the moment, and Dimond Saints deliver a emotionally charged remix that hits your heart hard.

11. Tigerskin - Sticky Cow

Down and dirty, real sticky and earthy, this song is a partycow that gets down in the mud! Solid house music that dives deep, a perfect party annihilator from Tigerskin.

12. SIS - Hang

This tune smoothly and suavely transports you to a beautiful beach… Melodic and tropic, we’re all about it.

13. S.K.A.M feat Therr Maitz - Superstar

Superstars always have a presence, and this song is no exception. With a smooth groove, this song will have you going for weeks.

14. Jensen Interceptor feat. Francis Xavier - System Addict

Here we have some aggressive, pounding, and innovative techno. Jensen Interceptor gets after it, and this song is perfect underground warehouse party vibes!

15. Night Safari - Night Franklin (Tweak Mix)

Night Safari dances with Aretha Franklin and ends up with great results on this unexpected remix.

16. London Grammar - Hey Now (Salda & Wigzen Remix)

Salda & Wigzen give a great dreamy deep house remix to the London Grammar hit Hey Now! Great chill vibes ahead!

18. Moullinex - Love Magnetic

Moullinex’s latest EP on Gomma certainly holds a special place in our heart. This song is a sure-fire way to make any night the perfect night to dance your heart out to.

17. Jay Frog & Eric Smax - Come and Take It

Jay Frog & Eric Smax indisputably come and take it, they really do. You better give them all your focus on this one because they take anything you were doing, and make it all about what they are doing on this absolutely sensational track.

19. Major Lazer x Gianni Marino - Bad Boys Bootleg

Honestly, why did it take this long for this bootleg to happen? Major Lazer and Gianni Marino have gone after a reggae classic by Inner Circle, and you could not have dreamed up a more perfect remix, both in execution and pairing of original tune to the remixing artists. You might not know the band Inner Circle, but you sure as hell know the title song for the show ‘Cops’, one of the longest running reality TV shows today!

20. Corderoy - Dark Disco

Who says disco can’t be dark? Who says disco can’t be deep? This disco right here has some teeth.

And if you want to groove to them all at once, got your playlist covered right here!

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