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Did Mr. Pit Just Jack Eric Prydz?

Pit vs Prydz

Did Mr. Pit just jack Eric Prydz?

So, we aren't talking about music to jack your body to here, we are talking about if one artist just blatantly stole major elements of another artist's work. I was just having a nice day listening to music, and then up in my newsfeed pops a status update where two of my friends were discussing a little bit of "This song sounds awfully a lot like that song..." My interest was piqued, and I explored further.

Mr. Pit has just released a song called 'Exposure' on ColdHarbour Recordings, and it bears a striking resemblance to the amazing tune from not too long ago 'Power Drive' by Eric Prydz (April 2013 to be precise). It might not be the same song technically, but all of the major musical elements of 'Power Drive' appear to be at play in Mr. Pit's song, albeit cleverly recomposed. Before we go any further with our subjective and speculative analysis, this is all opinion mind you, here are the two songs in question:

Eric Prydz - Power Drive - Released in March 2013

Mr. Pit - Exposure - Released in December 2014

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We all can be inspired, no artist exists in a vacuum. Naturally we come across content that moves us, resonates with us, and also provides a template for works of our own. Yet, we at Magnetic Magazine take issue when credit is not given where it is due. Along these lines, I sent out a tweet to Mr. Pit asking if he would give credit to Eric Prydz regarding the striking similarities and sadly he did not indicate Mr. Prydz as an inspiration, nor did he give credit...

Mr Pit

Those are the facts, I am not going to belabor this point anymore than necessary. If you are inspired or you borrow significant elements, or you make a work that sounds more like a very creative remix than an original composition of your own, why not be honest about it and give credit?

Perhaps Mr. Pit did create this work that sounds very similar to many elements in 'Power Drive' without any knowledge of Eric Prydz's release, but I find that very hard to believe. Sometimes the truth is a hard pill to swallow and I could be wrong; I frequently am about most things! But I have a very strong gut feeling, and my ears screaming that this is just not a coincidence in a world rife with song stealing and ghost producing...

So, those are the facts jack, and more than a few of my opinions on the matter. I think I have driven my point home, and I will bring to a qlocse with a relevant quote from Picasso and a question: "Good artists copy, great artists steal", and so where does that leave the honest artists with integrity?

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