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Music Guru Trevor Jackson Releases 12-Format Record

Music Guru Trevor Jackson Releases 12-Format Record


Trevor Jackson "Metal Dance - Self Portrait"

Here’s some music you can see and touch. Oh we mean Synesthesia? Witchcraft? Nope. Trevor Jackson. The creator of Output Recordings and an art guru behind Four Tet and LCD Soundsystem is releasing a new record. And it’s everything but.

According to The Vinyl Factory, the sound portion consists of a ton of unheard material:

[Jackson has] carefully selected, re-edited and remastered a selection of these tracks to create a new body of work. Touching on synth and beatbox workouts, proto-house, new wave, on Italo and techno, on ambient and psychedelia, the tracks are, the same time, none of these things.

"None of these things" as in much more. Jackson is on an all-out assault with F O R M A T. A rebirth of the physical medium that's now even lost digital downloads to song streams. Vinyl wasn't nearly enough though. He's releasing each track individually on a different physical medium.

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As noted on

Trevor Jackson is releasing his latest record in 12 different analogue layouts, each one corresponding to a different track. Called F O R M A T, the limited edition album is made up of 12″, 10” and 7” vinyl, CD, mini CD, cassette, USB, VHS, mini disc, DAT, 8-track and reel-to-reel.

“Every copy of a physical recording is different, a real object that has its own little story - a one of a kind, personalised by the effort it took to purchase and the unique ritual that goes with playing it. I want the people who purchase these items to feel special; they will be the only ones who possess these tracks in any form at that time”, says Jackson. ”The fact culturally everything's become so convenient and easily accessible whilst in the process totally disposable is an important subject I needed to address with this project.”

Music Guru Trevor Jackson Releases 12-Format Record

Yeah. Try to Spotify that.

You can listen to F O R M A T at The Vinyl Factor exhibition in Soho and buy the work in the 12 different limited edition formats from The Vinyl Factory in February. Straight vinyl and digital copies will follow.

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