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New Future Bass Songs 2014 — December 8th

New Future Bass Songs - Week 45

Welcome to this week's edition of New Future Bass Songs. I hope everyone’s made a full recovery from Thanksgiving and is ready to celebrate the most conceited and commercial time of the year (kidding). In all seriousness, Magnetic will be posting a ton of Holiday related content such as gift ideas for EDM fans and best DJ/Production gear, so be sure to watch out for those as they come out. We’ll also have some great Best of 2014 lists, so be sure to check those out as well. This week’s chart features a wide array of music that should help you make it through monday, the most dreaded day of the week.

1. No Type (Luca Lush X Josh Pan Flip), Rae Sremmurd
Rae Sremmurd’s club anthem gets a downtempo dancey flip from future house prodigies Luca Lush and Josh Pan.

2. Split, Nick Maclaren
This whole Sharks EP was a pleasure to listen to, however only “Split” made the cut for this week’s new future bass songs since its a tad more energetic and exciting than the others. Especially liked the use of sampling in this one.

3. Booty Anthem, Knite Watch
In honor of reaching 1,000 followers, Knite Watch have released this bouncy, almost footwork style tune on their soundcloud.

4. Loveweights ft. Shaqdi, Indian Summer
Ambient downtempo future bass from Indian Summer. Very reminiscent of Flume with a more pop sensible twist.

5. Days In The West (Drake Cover) (Ekali Remix), Tinashe
Ambient electronic rework of Tinashe’s Drake cover. Almost like remix-ception.

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6. Fall In Love With Me (w/ Flamingosis), Yung Bae
Funky fresh mellow tune from Yung Bae and Flamingosis. Should help anyone experiencing a bad case of the mondays.

7. Aaliyah, Mele
Club track with some middle eastern flair courtesy of Mele.

8. Gossip Riddim, Falcons
The first of Falcons’ christmas presents to his fans. A zip file of all these tracks will be released on Christmas as a thank you to his loyal followers.

9. Hips Don’t Lie (Arca remix), Shakira
A Classic Shakira tune gets a treatment from Kanye’s most eclectic and avant-garde styled producer/collaborator.

10. Beggin For Thread (UV Boi Remix), Banks
Banks’ tune “Beggin For Thread” gets a heavy, downtempo remix from up and coming Australian DJ/producer UV Boi.

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