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OK Wait, Did Skrillex Reveal He's Zhu Or Not Really?

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OK Wait, Did Skrillex Reveal He's Zhu Or Not Really?

OK Wait, Did Skrillex Reveal He's Zhu Or Not Really? 

Ah the internet, the place where rumors are born, fed, nurtured, and then unleashed upon the the masses.  The latest to hit the interwebs is that Skrillex has revealed himself as the mysterious producer Zhu.

It all went down at Australia's Stereosonic festival during Zhu's set.  After Zhu's smash "Faded" was played, a "My Name Is Skrillex" drop was played, and then Skrillex appeared on stage, saying he hope everyone enjoyed the Zhu projects.  Hmmm...

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Was it an actual reveal or just an elaborate troll?  Most blogs are leaning towards the latter, with Do Androids Dance going as far as looking up the ASCAP notes to confirm it's not Skrillex.  What we do know is this, Zhu for all intents and purposes is a producer by the name of Stephen Zhu (That's the name on the ASCAP).

There are a few breadcrumbs scattered around the interwebs leading back to him, culminating in the Moves Like Ms. Jackson remix that was released pre-Coachella (many thought Zhu was Disclosure initially) last year.

Skrillex can still be the brains behind the project-  He has his hands in so many different pots that he very well could be spearheading Zhu and his/her/their  releases/marketing. As for now though, no further word from Skrillex, at least according to his twitter page:

Maybe we'll finally get an official reveal at the Grammys in 2015?

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