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Purity Of UK Ecstasy Is At A 10 Year High


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Reports coming out of the United Kingdom indicate that the purity of Ecstasy has hit a ten year high.  The tests, which came from UK festivals and Manchester's Warehouse Project reveal that the average tablet now contains up to 100mg of MDMA.

To put things in perspective, the average therapeutic dose of MDMA is 70-75 milligrams.  This establishes the dosage of some of the pills found at festivals as "high".

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The high MDMA content in these pills have caused drug and law enforcement agencies, along with nightclubs,  to issue warnings to club goers in the UK.  The message: the new pills are at lease two to three times the usual strength.

Sacha Lord, the leader of a series of nightclub events in the UK called the Warehouse Project, says "Our concern now is that people who over the years have been used to taking two or three tablets in a night might still do the same. With the purity, the results could be severe.”

Across both the United Kingdom and the United States, MDMA related deaths have been on the rise over the past few years, with many attributing the deaths to an increase the purity of the drugs.

The Warehouse Project seems to take a more proactive approach to the situation, acknowledging the reality that some of their patrons might take drug. The club now sends out warnings on its Twitter feed before big nights that read: “On-site tests reveal very high purity ecstasy & MDMA in circulation. Dangers include overheating, seizures, heart problems. Please be careful.”

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