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From Russia With Filth: Proxy Drops Explicit Single on mau5trap

From Russia With Filth: Proxy Drops Explicit Single on mau5trap

Here’s what the real red light district sounds like. mau5trap’s new artist, Proxy, hails from Moscow and seems to have no problem dropping the hammer, sickle or political incorrectness. And his new single “Whores” isn't taking its dirtiness lightly either.

Proxy’s distinctive style comes from the dark, smoldering depths of heavy industrial electro. This can be heard in his previous releases such as "Music From the Eastblock Jungle" and "Iron" courtesy of Dim Mak and Turbo Recordings, and seen through his Soviet-soaked video for "10,000".

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Now on mau5trap, the bold DJ is gaining even more power. “Whores” is outrageous proof that he hasn’t turned things down a notch. In fact, playing with fire seems to be developing into one of his master skills. The distortion you’re hearing is normal. No need to check your speakers. They’ve already melted.

Proxy is positioning himself in stark contrast to today's era of electric daisies and various wonderlands. Simply put, he's everything EDM hates about electronic music. His style may be dark, but Proxy might just be the black sheep we’ve been waiting for. Download "Whores" now on iTunes

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