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Seth Troxler On Ferguson, Obama, And Race Relations In The U.S.

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Seth Troxler On Ferguson, Obama, And Race Relations In The U.S.

No stranger to controversy, it's good to see Seth Troxler talking on something other then who's the biggest c-word in EDM.  Talking to the UK's Independent about Tuskegee, his new label with the Martinez Brothers, he touched on race relations in the U.S., in light of therecent court decisions in Ferguson and New York.

From the Independent:

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"I think he's easier with Hispanic issues like immigration rather than acting on black issues in the fear of being put in this box, of playing the race card or being accused of favouritism towards people of his own race...

That is a funny place to be in. With the recent situation in Ferguson,  it's f***ed, it's so bad, he could have stepped in and launched a government investigation – which there probably will be anyway – but he can’t because people will be like… He's going against the Blue Code of Silence.

With police brutality, at what point does the government really intervene and really stand up for something? In government at the moment, no one is really standing up for anything. Everyone is just trying to keep their political head above water rather than standing for something they believe in.

If you're in politics you're there to support the public, that's the whole point. Not to create a career."

The Tuskegee imprint was created by Troxler and the Martinez Brothers as "a label of cultural heritage" from a black and Latino perspective. It is a vinyl only label.

Via: Mixmag

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