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Silent Disco Brings Quiet Riot To London

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Silent Disco Brings Quiet Riot To London

OK so first off, props goes to Yahoo news for that headline- good one. And like the headline says it looks like there is something quiet going on in the United Kingdom, in a loud way.

It's the silent disco phenomenon, where partygoers wear personal headphones and dance noiselessly to the music they are listening to. Thanks to the headphones, there is no loud music to talk over -- those who are not dancing can carry on a conversation as if they were in their own home.

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From Yahoo News:

One recent Saturday, London's Shard -- the iconic glass and steel spike which at some 310 metres (1,000 feet) is the European Union's tallest building -- hosted a silent disco.

A few hundred people gyrated on a dance floor with breathtaking views across central London. Streets and buildings stretched out below them, seemingly infinite.

Dancers could choose their soundtrack from three different channels. Their headphones lit up red, blue or green to show others which one they were listening to.

"We think it is the highest silent disco in the world," said Alex Rochford, DJ for the green channel.

"We can have three separate gigs, so no one in the building will have the same experience because they're always changing to different music."

On the dance floor, people with the same colour headphones clustered together.

Glow in the dark heaphones, music and cocktails? Where do we sign up?

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