'Slice Me Nice’ - Ryan Tennison Dusts Off Dance Relic (Free Download)

New years what? Ryan Tennison is partying like it’s 1984 and he's got our feet loose. Updated with more power, the up-and-coming producer turns Fancy’s 1984 single Slice Me Nice from bizarre to burner. Fancy, the singer, may be 68 years old now, but Tennison’s vocal sampling takes him back years. It’s quite impressive.

Interestingly, the remix itself is also a kind of throwback. There was a time when it seemed everyone was retouching 80s dance classics to massive success, and Tennison's track is just as good. You know what they say, Slice Me Nice or don’t slice me at all. Ok nobody says that. At least not anymore... at least not yet...

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For those keeping up with the USA Hot Dance Music scene (who isn't?), you’ll know the track reached #2 in its time, so you know what kind of power Tennison is dealing with here.

We recently featured Ryan Tennison as one of our top emerging artists and this remix is a good example of why. From hip hop to house to 80s, nothing he’s producing sounds the same. Download the updated dance party time capsule for free above.

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